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We were very pleased with the STAR Process© training and Mark did a great job of presenting the concepts. His expertise and experience were evident and the training reinforced our in house training program. Since Mark’s training, we’ve seen a significant improvement in the professionalism, organization, and presentation skills of our new sales people. And when we compare their development to those that have not attended the STAR Process© training, the new sales people are further along in their development in a much shorter period of time. I had a lot of positive feedback from our people. They especially appreciated Mark’s ability to simplify the process and break it down in to steps they could easily follow and understand. Additionally, a number of our sales people appreciated Mark’s years of experience and told us that he brings an authenticity and credibility to his training and the examples he uses.

Matt Hahn

Company : Rocket Industrial
Designation : Director of Sales

I came home and had a conversation with my husband about you. We both have been through numerous sales training classes, especially my husband, and I told him that I have never gotten more out of a session than what I was able to learn from you. You've had a brilliant career and your desire to share your successes, style, and experiences with others to assist them in their careers is inspiring.

Pam Kregers

Company : FlexPac
Designation : Sales Professional

"The Star Process is a system that brings the consultative sale to life. If you are struggling for a way to differentiate and compete in the changing market, you should look into the STAR Process. Mark Matthews provides tools and strategies that help sales professionals raise the level of conversations and think bigger! A must for anyone that wants to stop selling products and start selling value."

Blaine Dinwiddie

Company : FlexPac
Designation : President

I also wanted to thank you for the time spent with our team at FlexPAC a few weeks ago. All of my team that attended have had a re-invigorated sparkle in their eye and in my work with them, I see them using what they learned.

Dusty Brown

Company : FlexPac
Designation : Director of Sales

"Mark Matthews is a professional. If you're looking for ways to knock things into the next gear, Mark can help. If you're exploring new sales strategies, Mark can help. And if you're looking for methods to organize opportunity, Mark can help. Carving out the time to put together a solid training program doesn't happen easily; Mark has done the heavy's turn-key. And Mark's passion is one of the best parts."

Ryan Gallagher

Company : Rocket Industrial
Designation : President

Thanks Mark! Your training seems to have gone well.  You gave our sales team a wake-up call and a strong push in the right direction. Multiple reps have thanked us and say they plan to make changes so that they stay up with the game.  

Kim Osborne

Company : Kyana Packaging and Industrial Supply
Designation : CEO

“I have known Mark Matthews for over 20 years and have the highest respect for him. I learned so much from him during our time together. His STAR Process © taught me the skills necessary to understand customers and how to maximize customer relationships. After 14 years at xpedx, I left to start my own company. Taking the learnings from Mark, I have enjoyed stellar increases in business; over 4,000% growth from 2103 to 2014 and YTD growth of 177%! I highly recommend Mark Matthews as a partner to help any sales organization to increase their bottom line.”

John Moore

Company : PLS (Packaging & Logistics Solutions, LLC)
Designation : Owner

“I love that the STAR Process© is a complete process, from the pre-call planning/strategy phase to measuring results and reporting. The STAR Process© changed the rules of how you call on customers. If done correctly, competitors didn't know how to combat this different approach. And customers loved it because it measured tangible results. Mark has taught, coached and lived this process his entire career. He has credibility with sales reps and management because he has lived it, with excellent results, for over 20 years. The STAR Process© elevates the entire sales organization and makes selling time more productive.”

Brian Rippett

Company : Fortune 200 Company
Designation : Regional Sales Manager

“Mark Matthews is a true sales professional; he has an impressive record of leading sales organizations and knows how to inspire a team to take their sales performance to the next level.  His 20+ years of living the principles of the STAR Process© prove that he knows what it takes to win business, beat the competition, and build deep loyalty with customers.  He is a fantastic presenter who can hold your attention and make you feel ready to go out and take on the world. Whether you are running a small company or a leading a Fortune 500 executive sales team, Mark will deliver a high quality, impactful, and engaging training class.” 

Sonya Rankin

Designation : Regional Sales Manager

“Over the years, I have seen Mark take companies who have poorly trained sales reps as their front - line contacts and turn them into the supplier partners that customers want and need. Mark’s training, the STAR Process©, teaches reps what they need to know to reduce account churn and grow the relationships. Mark has an energetic delivery and is enthusiastic in his desire to help reps and managers become better at their roles. I would highly recommend Mark as a consultant to your business.”

Ron Moyer

Company : AFFLINK
Designation : Vice President – Packaging

"Mark Matthews, the creator of the STAR Process training, is an energetic and passionate business leader who made the STAR principles real for my team.  His mastery of the concepts and delivery of the material are both excellent and I would recommend him to anyone that wants to increase the profitability of their business and develop the skills of their front line team.”

George R.

Company : Sales & Marketing
Designation : Vice President

“I was trained on the STAR process several years ago and have used these sound business principles to adapt and use with my team in my industry.  The STAR Process helped me to define the business culture that I wanted to develop in my division.  Utilizing the training, we developed better programs and skills, which helped us become the business partner that our customers wanted.  Because of the STAR training we were able to double our business and receive numerous sales awards for outstanding performance."

Leigh N.

Company : Fortune 500 Company
Designation : Vice President – Sales